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Dedicated designs, for passionated people and communities...

We created Luudos Studio in 2019 to bring forth variety and immersion. We believe that quality is not just in components, but equally in the time invested in our games.

As such, we believe in a progressive design process, to bring quality time, to hobby gamers around the world. We combine our unique design process with immersive storytelling, creating engaging and captivating games.

Our approach is to create games that has a perfect fit, with a niche and resonating storytelling, for passionated and dedicated gamers. Games that goes above and beyond, supporting communities, equality and inspires gamers to convey our efforts.

Cortadoo Games

Bittersweet board games,
for mythical risk-takers

Antithesis Games

Strategic board games,
for omni gamers

Anecdote Games

Narrative board games,
for adventure pioneers

Jack in the Box Games

Energetic board games,
for happy thrill-seekers


Desolated, an engine builder for 1-6 players. Harvest materials, optimise exploration, make trades and influence orbital councils for dominance and ultimately victory. The first player to dominate 5 councils, wins the game.


In turn order, clockwise around the table, each player has two phases. In the first phase, draw 2 material-cards into your hand. In the second phase, either play a material card to optimise your engine, trade for influence or dominate an orbital council.



TREACHERY, a fast-paced real-time competitive dungeon crawler! Explore the realm, lay traps, slay monsters and backstab your fellow heroes. Can you survive the treacherous dungeon?

Can you fool your fellow players, overcome traps, even your own, and collect the rewards? If so, you just might come out of the dungeon victorious


In TREACHERY, 1-6 players fight monsters and each other in the race for victory. In each round, each player add a dungeon tile to the realm, deciding between a trap or treasure. At the end of the round, two players must venture into to the dungeon, in real-time, facing all the traps and treasure added by the players, while they roll their dice for frantic survival.

Coming Early 2021.


Cthulhu Island

Summon creatures, build attractions and entice visitors to your otherworld theme park.

In Cthulhu Island, cultist travel the world to create the best and most grotesque theme park, filled with creatures and elder gods from other dimensions and realms beyond this world.

During your turn, you expand the map. Then you either explore, enlist or exterminate cultists, taking actions based on your available control in an area. Each area has an associated action, that will grant you favours based on the amount of cultist available and if you can pay the elemental cost.


Throughout the game, you will face many options on your travel; gaining power from magical sources, summoning creatures, building attractions, entice visitors or destroy your opponents. It's all for the greater good (or the greater gods)!

In the end, you win by publicity. Explore, enlist, entice and exterminate in Cthulhu Island!

Coming Early 2021.


"A unique deck-builder with push-your-luck and deconstruction mechanisms"

SINS: The Deck-builder

"In the darkness of space, infernal forces are rising to the surface. Ancient energies, born in distant stars, has been welded into existence by the cosmos. Through endless time, they have been searching for a purpose. They have been searching for a place to belong, a place to inhabit. Across the constellation of stars, they found unsuspecting vessels to embody. They enforced their will upon the dust of space. Celestial beings, weak and fragile, but omniscient."

"As puppeteers, they weaved their plan, with strong strings of greed, corrupting spirits in distant realms. They grew stronger and gained lust for powers, enslaving beasts and undead creatures with their sinister play. They found their purpose within their own weakness, a prideful display, as they released wrath upon each other, for eternal dominance."


SINS is a fantasy deck-builder with a quick setup and gameplay, filled with a plethora of combos and tough choices throughout the game, in a small package. To win, gain power, give despair and resolve for dominance.

SINS is an evolving card game, with 6 new boxes every year, for you to mix and match as you desire. Every box is a game on its own, but can be combined with other boxes, to give an unlimited amount of flavours, to your game of SINS.

SINS is in its heart a deck-builder, but is infused with a highly competitive focus, aggressive gameplay and many opportunities to push your luck.


Unlikely Heroes

Explore the map, encounter challenges and save the day! An adventure board game for 1-4 players. Unlikely Heroes is a narrative adventure game with 3 different immersive stories and unique challenges, featuring... well... unlikely heroes, tasked to save the day.


Select between Vikings, Cowboys or Pharos. Start the game by flipping the first map tile and explore each corner of the map. As more and more tiles are added to the table, your team will encounter enemies, treasures, tools, weapons and in the end, hopefully, save the day from evil.


Gears: The Deck-builder

"In the before time, darkness ruled our lands. But evil was conquered and colors started to shine upon our city. We became adventures and took to the skies. We became adventures and took to the skies."

"Play the cards to your advantage, hinder your opponents and use your special abilities at the right momement."


Gears is an aggressive push-your-luck deck-builder for two players. Every turn, you can either activate actions, gain power or give despair.

Shuffle the gear-cards together and deal 5 cards to the middle of the table to form the market row. From here, you can buy or gain new cards throughout the game. Deal 10 starter cards to each player and draw 5 cards into your hand. The best fixer at the table, is the starting player. Play cards each turn to activate actions, gain power or give despair to your opponents. Push your luck and resolve for dominance. When a player has 2 dominance, that player is the winner.


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