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TREACHERY, a fast-paced real-time competitive dungeon crawler! Explore the realm, lay traps, slay monsters and backstab your fellow heroes. Can you survive the treacherous dungeon?

Can you fool your fellow players, overcome traps, even your own, and collect the rewards? If so, you just might come out of the dungeon victorious


In TREACHERY, 1-6 players fight monsters and each other in the race for victory. In each round, each player add a dungeon tile to the realm, deciding between a trap or treasure. At the end of the round, two players must venture into to the dungeon, in real-time, facing all the traps and treasure added by the players, while they roll their dice for frantic survival.

Coming Early 2021.


Gears: The Deck-builder

"In the before time, darkness ruled our lands. But evil was conquered and colors started to shine upon our city. We became adventures and took to the skies. We became adventures and took to the skies."

"Play the cards to your advantage, hinder your opponents and use your special abilities at the right momement."


Gears is an aggressive push-your-luck deck-builder for two players. Every turn, you can either activate actions, gain power or give despair.

Shuffle the gear-cards together and deal 5 cards to the middle of the table to form the market row. From here, you can buy or gain new cards throughout the game. Deal 10 starter cards to each player and draw 5 cards into your hand. The best fixer at the table, is the starting player. Play cards each turn to activate actions, gain power or give despair to your opponents. Push your luck and resolve for dominance. When a player has 2 dominance, that player is the winner.


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