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Unlikely Heroes

Explore the map, encounter challenges and save the day! An adventure board game for 1-4 players. Unlikely Heroes is a narrative adventure game with 3 different immersive stories and unique challenges, featuring... well... unlikely heroes, tasked to save the day.


Select between Vikings, Cowboys or Pharos. Start the game by flipping the first map tile and explore each corner of the map. As more and more tiles are added to the table, your team will encounter enemies, treasures, tools, weapons and in the end, hopefully, save the day from evil.


Rifts in Reality

Five books, five stories, five characters and five unique nightmares, set in different timelines, all woven together as one season: The Bloodline.

Rifts in Reality is a cooperative choose-your-own-adventure skirmish board game, with a highly thematic and rich narrative, with many roads to victory.

“When rifts starts to emerge in open air and nightmares breaks into the fabric of reality, you must choose to either follow your foretold path and safe route, or go against your destiny and gamble with your life.“

Rifts in Reality is a game about interwoven timelines, strategic puzzles and narrative exploration. Your biggest challenge is your own nightmare, as the difference between reality and dreams become illusive. What about you or world is real? Rifts in Reality is scheduled for late 2021.


Each story is a book and each page is a hex based game board, that your will explore and move your highly detailed miniatures across; finding clues, weapons and other remedies to fight your nightmare. As locations are solved, you will progress through the book, trying to keep you sanity, explore the map, move your figure and encounter new areas on each page. The story will guide you through the adventure, if you can survive it or do you give in to your nightmares?

In the year 878, we will save the viking Toke, fighting to regain his honour and pay his depth to the mythical Neck. In the year 1720, we will help Mary Luccraft from Devonshire find her lost son, stolen by foul pixies. In the year 1919, we will visit H. P. Lovecraft in his youth and battle his night terrors, monsters beyond our realm, testing Howards sanity. In the year 1950, we will help Lydia Breaux through apartheid, voodoo and conspiracies, closing rifts before government agents can exploit them. In the year 2468, Jonathan will be up against the ultimately battle, humanities biggest nightmare, our own extinction.


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