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"A unique deck-builder with push-your-luck and deconstruction mechanisms"

SINS: The Deck-builder

"In the darkness of space, infernal forces are rising to the surface. Ancient energies, born in distant stars, has been welded into existence by the cosmos. Through endless time, they have been searching for a purpose. They have been searching for a place to belong, a place to inhabit. Across the constellation of stars, they found unsuspecting vessels to embody. They enforced their will upon the dust of space. Celestial beings, weak and fragile, but omniscient."

"As puppeteers, they weaved their plan, with strong strings of greed, corrupting spirits in distant realms. They grew stronger and gained lust for powers, enslaving beasts and undead creatures with their sinister play. They found their purpose within their own weakness, a prideful display, as they released wrath upon each other, for eternal dominance."


SINS is a fantasy deck-builder with a quick setup and gameplay, filled with a plethora of combos and tough choices throughout the game, in a small package. To win, gain power, give despair and resolve for dominance.

SINS is an evolving card game, with 6 new boxes every year, for you to mix and match as you desire. Every box is a game on its own, but can be combined with other boxes, to give an unlimited amount of flavours, to your game of SINS.

SINS is in its heart a deck-builder, but is infused with a highly competitive focus, aggressive gameplay and many opportunities to push your luck.



"The anger. The rage. The contempt. It was all there. The fealing of hatred, boiling, as a kettle within an infernal fire."

"The axe was raised. Danto screamed for his life, as the axe ripped through his neck, cut through his arteries and muted his scream at the destruction of his neckbone."

"Death was upon him as his head was released from his body."


Eternals pit the kings of chaos against each other, in an infernal hex skirmish game for 2-4 players. In a game of Eternals, players will battle each other for eternal dominance. Each round is a tactical manoeuvre for victory.

Start the game by selecting your warbands. Each round, players will play cards to move, attack or strategise. With each attack or sinister move, players can give each other despair, resulting in fatal weaknesses if successful. After three rounds, only one player will be the dominant.


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